“Time to relax”

Today was “me day”… At least the afternoon was. Went to my favorite clinic to do a much delayed facial treatment (I work in event planning, so nice skin is a must have). The girl applying the treatment was really nice… Always checking up to see if I was ok and trying to do small talk (sadly I’m one of those people that is small talk challenged). The only flaw was that she kept saying “time to relax” and the more she said it, the more I tensed up. At one point,she applied a moist cloth with some kind of oils (basically, went medieval on my…butt) and left the room with the stupid phrase “time to relax”. I swear that my body was just like a rock,my neck and back were super stiff, and time froze! I thought that she had forgotten all about me and bells were ringing and I was soooo cold. Finally she came in and washed my face and I just got the hell out of there. Can’t wait to do it again… Maybe a year or two from now. Well, maybe never!


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