Crowded cities

One of the problems of Europe and of European cities is the lack of space….we live on top of each other! Door next to door, next to door, next to door, on front of more doors. All in narrow streets and alley and in small patios.

There are buildings that would never cross anyone’s minds to build – in this scrap of building, if I can call it that, lives a really old woman who used to make fabric flowers for my grandmother. I had to climb 3 stories of narrow and crooked stairs to reach a matchbox of a living room with the most uneven floor that you could imagine.

I would love to live in open fields, maybe in the middle of a forest, or even near the beach, like the ones we see in magazines, in Canada, Australia, anywhere really….of course, I would get lost in first couple of minutes but to feel the vastness, the privacy, the emptiness…


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