The Color Run – the actual running (well, walking)!


The Color Run Coimbra was yesterday – 4th of May – and it was absolutely awesome!! The local newspaper of today spoke of nearly 13000 people in the event which may seem a small number for big cities, but for a city like Coimbra where the population barely reaches 145000 and that never engages in anything, this was something of a miracle. Here are some pictures of the event.

There wasn’t must actual running involved, but the walking part of it was great. There were participants of all ages and shapes and sizes, even parents pushing strollers and people in wheelchairs. It was a truly all-inclusive event and I can’t wait for another go at it. Maybe the next time I’ll run and not just fool around :).196 211 216 076 091 102 099 108 Color RunBecause of all the colorful powder that would be floating around I took my oldest camera, a Nikon S3000 and took nearly 250 photos. Who would’ve guess that the old-timer would behave so well  :). Today I’ll post the crowd and in the next few days I get to the close-ups and friends pictures.


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