See you soon…

My really good friend Joana, which is a brilliant biologist by the way, is going to Toronto next week to do some research for her PhD thesis on Oxalis and our group of friends got together to celebrate and to wish her luck on Canadian shores.

As usual, we were the first to arrive at the place of rendez vous (I hate being late, they hate being early :P) – the Escadas Monumentais (aka Monumental Stairs). These have 125 gigantic steps and are one of the gateways to the University. It is a product of the fascist period of Portugal, so I don’t really like it and avoid it when possible (also because it’s really tiresome to get to the top). However, these are part of the history of Coimbra and tourist do seem to enjoy it. There’s even a myth – each flight of stairs represents a year of a degree and if you trip in one of the steps, you’ll fail that same year of college. Spooky…. but hardly true.005_edited-1Of course that being early we had time to take photos and just enjoy the sunny weather…012_edited-1Eventually they started to arrive and the group could being to joke around….My friend David is also doing a PhD in Genetic Anthropology. He’s studying the effects of some genes in child obesity. Initially the study included adults too and I allowed him to take my DNA, but I’m still waiting to hear if I’m a carrier or not :P. 018_edited-1021_edited-1When we’re all together, this is what usually happens….David presenting Dulce’s bottom. Loads of fun. By the end of the lunch this was what it looked like :P… Dulce and Carlos, a dynamic and bright couple – she’s an anthropologist and he’s an archaeologist, which is like the perfect match and they’re just crazy funny.088_edited-1Me and Marco, my sweetheart 🙂 102_edited-1We’re all crazy and messed up, but we do have lots and lots of fun :).
Joana, I think I speak for all of us when I say, have a nice trip, do a huge amount of research, make new friends, take millions of pictures (which she will), work hard and play even harder and, please, come back to us soon because WE LOVE YOU and Coimbra without you “não tem encanto”.065_edited-1


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