Farm Life

Coimbra has a great variety of environments. I study in the city, but live in the outskirts (or suburbs), so I’m lucky enough to have a house, not with an actual farm, but something of the sort. Imagem 486I have potatoes and carrots and strawberries and parsley and onions and….the list is extensive (fortunately).Imagem 479I also have some chickens and there are some wild rabbits running around the field (only know this because there’s a stray cat that usually hunts them).Imagem 485When my grandfather was alive, he and my grandmother took care of everything, but now it’s just grandma and she does have a natural touch to it, although she’s also a really impressive seamstress. Here she is watering some kale (the photo was  a long exposure of the water that was leaking from the hose, but I’m still too much of a novice for that).Imagem 478


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