Portugal – Coimbra

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This is Coimbra, Portugal. It’s a small city in comparison with Lisbon and Oporto in every sense of the way – less criminality, fewer people, fewer jobs, less pollution… To me it’s the best city in Portugal to live because you have all the commodities of a big city, minus the troubles.

Coimbra main resource it’s the students. The biggest building in the photos is the University of Coimbra, the oldest of Portugal and one of the oldest in Europe. One might think that being a college city, youth and culture and festivals are at the heart of life here. However this is not completely truth – we do have the festivals, we’ll have the biggest one in a few weeks (Queima das Fitas), which I intend to share photos, but the population is also old and hopeless. Unfortunately, unemployment is growing and many people over 50 cannot get jobs. Still, it’s a beautiful city that is full with great minds that one day will shape the world – I hope, at least, but then again I’m an optimist.

Hope you’ll enjoy my city!


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