Cat’s version of happiness!


This is Daisy, she’s 4 months old and she basically sleeps anywhere. Love her…


“Time to relax”

Today was “me day”… At least the afternoon was. Went to my favorite clinic to do a much delayed facial treatment (I work in event planning, so nice skin is a must have). The girl applying the treatment was really nice… Always checking up to see if I was ok and trying to do small talk (sadly I’m one of those people that is small talk challenged). The only flaw was that she kept saying “time to relax” and the more she said it, the more I tensed up. At one point,she applied a moist cloth with some kind of oils (basically, went medieval on my…butt) and left the room with the stupid phrase “time to relax”. I swear that my body was just like a rock,my neck and back were super stiff, and time froze! I thought that she had forgotten all about me and bells were ringing and I was soooo cold. Finally she came in and washed my face and I just got the hell out of there. Can’t wait to do it again… Maybe a year or two from now. Well, maybe never!

Graz International Summer School Seggau

I’m participating, since sunday, in the awesome Graz International Summer School at the Seggau Castle.

007The summer school as the topic of “Collective Identities: Nationalism, Transnationalism – Europe and Beyond” and has some fantastic lecturers to go along with it.

In the picture above you can see Professor David Bates with the microphone but also (from left to right): Professors Guy Laforest, Daniela Larion, Ulla Kriebernegg. There are other resounding names such as: Professors Josef Raab, Heidrun Moerti, Alexia Schemien, Soeren Kell, Kresimir Krolo and Luis San Vicente Portes.

Although the summer school cover a range of subject, the one I most interested is Cultural Identities in the US. I’m having classes with Professor Marietta Messmer (The Netherlands), on the subject of the Mexican-US border, which is just amazing. Next week I’ll have another great teacher, Professor Isabel Caldeira (Portugal), on Post-Modernist feminine discourses of the African Diaspora.

I’ll leave you with some pictures of the lectures and the venue